Shangri-la to Nizu 4-day Trek

One of our flagship treks, this trek covers a nice area of Shangri-la. In three days, we cover around 45km of mountain ranges, high passes, yak pasture, and alpine lakes. The trek starts off with a 30 minute drive to the outside of the city of Shangri-la and starts at an altitude of 3500 m (11,480 ft). After arranging gear, we set off for an uphill climb that results in some panoramic views at the highest point of the trek at 4400 m (14,430 ft). Late in the afternoon, we pitch tents at the high end of a small valley at 4200 m (13770 ft). The second day begins by ascending to the second high pass of the trek at about 4400 m (14,430 ft). As we pass through multiple yak pastures, we get glimpses of Pudacuo National Park and Shudu Lake. We end the day camping at one of the high yak pastures of Nizu village-Duji Plateau. On the third and final hiking day, we pass by Qicai “Seven Colored” Waterfalls and into Nizu village at 2800 m (9200 ft). The last night is spent celebrating in the Nizu Roadhouse with hot food. On the fourth and final day of the trip, we leisurely enjoy a Tibetan style breakfast and perhaps a stroll through the village before returning by jeep or truck to Shangri-la.

Trek Options: do the trek in reverse, possibly with a pickup from Tiger Leaping Gorge. This is a more strenuous option with an overall altitude gain, but gives an opportunity to drive through Haba village and Baishuitai (White Water Terraces) on the first day and ending the fourth day as a trekking day.

Of course, the route can be done in reverse and end in Hongpo Village without going from Tiger Leaping Gorge.

If you think backpacking this route will be too strenuous or you would like the security of mule support to carry heavy gear and as evacuation options, this can be arranged. Please contact us if you would prefer to do this route with the support of mules.

Inclusions: the price for this trek includes all of the basics: camping gear, food, lodging, transportation, and a guide to help make sure everything goes smoothly.  Meals included are from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 4.

Exclusions: hiking clothes, hiking shoes and other personal effects, mules.

Booking: If you are interested in certain dates, please send a booking enquiry and we will get back to you with availability. If you are a small group, and unless otherwise requested, we will post those dates for others to join the trip to keep cost down for everyone.

Once your dates are confirmed, we will go with a minimum of 2 people. If you have dates you want to go, but only want to go if there is a minimum number of other people, please leave us a note in the booking enquiry form and we will do our best to promote for others to join.


2 people: ¥2750/person

3 people:  ¥2100/person

4-6 people:  ¥1600/person

7-8 people:  ¥1500/person

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