Alpine Lake Day Hike-Abuji

Abuji lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the surrounding area and only takes a day to visit. We will set off early to get to the lake before the afternoon wind picks up. After a two-hour drive, mostly through a rough mountain road, we take a short but strenuous hike ascending from 3600 m to 4200 m. If time and energy allow, we can ascend to the pass at almost 4400 m and get an amazing view on a clear day.

Inclusions: transportation, guide, and trail lunch.

Booking: If you are interested in a certain date, please send a booking enquiry and we will get back to you with availability. If you are a small group, and unless otherwise requested, we will post those dates for others to join the trip to keep cost down for everyone.

Once your dates are confirmed, we will go with a minimum of 2 people. If you have dates you want to go, but only want to go if there is a minimum number of other people, please leave us a note in the booking enquiry form and we will do our best to promote for others to join.


2 people:  ¥500/person

3 people:  ¥400/person

4 people:  ¥350/person

5 people:  ¥300/person

6+ people:  ¥270/person


Optional Add-ons: Stay for an outdoor barbecue after the hike. If weather is nice, we can have a fire outside and cook fresh, local meat and vegetables over the fire. If it’s a rainy Shangri-la day, we will hide out inside a Tibetan herder’s cabin and have a fire inside the simple, but comfortable structure. Dinner will be accompanied by local, handcrafted wine, beer or soft drinks depending on your preference. Cost for barbecue is ¥80/person.



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