Gear Rental & Self-Guided Hike

Deep in our tradition at Turtle Mountain Gear is helping the backpack traveler experience and explore on their own. In this vein, all of our gear is still available at reasonable rates for sale and rental. More important than the gear is the transportation and routes. We set you up on one of the more easily navigated routes near to the city of Shangri-la.


Gear Rental Per Day/night Price
2 Person Tent ¥60/night
3 Person Tent ¥90/night
4 Person Tent ¥120/night
Sleeping Bag ¥45/night
70L Backpack ¥30/day
40L Backpack ¥20/day
Thermarest Sleeping Pad ¥20/night
GPS ¥50/day
Camping Stove ¥20/day
Gas Bottle  ¥20/ea
3-4 Person Cookware Set  ¥25/set
Camping Utensil Set  ¥5/person
Hiking Pole ¥10/pair

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