The Shop

We’ve tried to create an atmosphere that highlights what we have to offer and gives a great place to sit down over a hot cup of coffee or cold beer and check out gear and discuss trip planning.


We have a range of vehicles whether you make use of them or not, we find them super fun to use to get around Shangri-la. The Beijing Jeeps have been modified to thoroughly enjoy the cool mountain air with open air tops and they are the best to take out for an adventure. Our Great Wall SUVs are the real deal built on a working truck’s full frame before Great Wall went light with their SUVs. They are more comfortable than the Jeeps, but still have the power for the mountain roads in Shangri-la.
Nobody wants to come thirsty to a trip planning session without something to drink. We are one of the few places in Shangri-la that roasts their own coffee and that guarantees it’s going to be the freshest possible. Even though we’re not really a cafe, we have one of the most reasonably priced, best coffees in town. Coffee isn’t the only in house home made drink. Every year, we get locally grown Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and make a dry red wine that surprises most people with it’s great quality. Finally, if you’re weary of traveling in China and only drinking Chinese domestic beer, we keep a small selection of imported beers at a reasonable price.
Most of the gear we use is top of the line from the growing Chinese domestic outdoor market. In addition to being tested and used on our trips, we rent the gear and sell both new and used gear. If you’re looking to pick up some camping gear at a great price, drop by or send an e-mail to find out what we have in stock.