These are the reasons to join Turtle Mountain Gear & Outfitters on your journey to Shangri-la. Despite the growth of the Chinese tourism industry, the insulated experiences it offers, and the ploy of identifying Zhongdian as Shangri-la, numerous authentic experiences and relationships await the traveler with the right attitude. Unlike many tour companies, we specialize only in the greater Shangri-la area. We follow our love for the people of the land and when we’re not out on trips with guests from all corners of the world, we are in the small corners of Shangri-la pursuing the passion of Shangri-la’s Tibetan oral languages, culture, and most importantly spending time with the people that have called Shangri-la their home for generations. In the end, hopefully not only us, but also our guests, will leave something behind that is equally positive to the memories we walk away with.

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Abuji Hike November 17th or 18th
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5-Day Yubeng Trek
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Mountains and Pastures Day Hike
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Napa Lake-Dabao Monastery Jeep Cruise
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2 Day Trek Geza to Shangri-la
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